Mr. Pinaev Roman Nikolaevich


He was born in 1973. In 1999 has graduated from St. Petersburg Sate Medical Academy which is named after E.E. Mechnikova. He passed clinical residency in the ‚Oncology’ sector- oncologist and has PhD, vice-president of the Society of Anti-Aging Medicine. In 2004 he participated in the creation of the company which was involved in Indo-Tibetan system of healing rejuvenation through unique tea recipes that were adapted to Russian consumers. Currently Mr. Pinaev is engaged in researches of the effectiveness of different classes of geroprotectors and the development of new classes of food supplements which are aimed to prevent various pathologies that are associated with ageing, to slow down pre-mature ageing and to increase life expectancy. Moreover, he performs researches which are dedicated to cancer prevention and he is one of the leading man science laboratory of clinical age pathology of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerantology and has appointments at the public reception of citizens at the Institute of the League of Nation‘s Health (pavilion N5 Moscow city).

aleksandrov_200_auto_5_100Mr. Aleksandrov Valeriy Aleksandrovich

Vice President in Business Development

He was born in 1976. He has a law degree and graduated from St. Petersburg State University Russian Interior Ministry. He has extensive experience in organizing and promoting businesses from scratch. Professionally understands all the details of business and as very distinctive business sense. Successfully manages all business processes at the Centre of Revitalization and Health, is actively developing international activities of the company, identifies strategic goals and objectives, expands the boundaries of business cooperation.




gorgiladze_200_auto_5_100Mr. Gorgiladze David Amiranovich

Vice President in Science

He was born in 1976. Graduated from the Medical Faculty of the St. Petersburg State Medical Academy named after II Mechnikov, where he also graduated from as internship and graduate school (specialization: a urologist, andrologist), PhD, MD, specialty: urology, pharmacology, clinical pharmacology. Together with classmate Roman Pinaev participated in the creation of the company engaged in the Indo-Tibetan system of healing and rejuvenation through unique tea recipes adapted for Russian consumers. Currently engaged in researches and is one of the leading researchers of clinical pathology laboratory age of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology at RAMS, is the reception of citizens in the public reception hall of the Institute of the League of Nation’s Health (pavilion № 5, VVC, Moscow). Author and co-author of more than 300 different groups of food supplements.

stefankiv2_200_auto_5_100Mr. Stefankiv Andrew Vasilyevich

 Executive director

Competence of the executive director consists of overseeing the work of more than 300 regional dealerships, analysising and optimizing business processes of the dealers’ network in order to increase its efficiency, as well as participating in the development of programs of direct or indirect motivation of the leaders in regional centers. Combination of the analytical mind, technical erudition and excellent communication skills allows Mr. Andrew successfully implement innovative projects which are aimed to improve the work of dealerships and the development of regional offices of NPCRIZ.




img_38622_200_auto_5_100_200_auto_5_100Mr. Vasilenko Viacheslav Ivanovich

Creative director, PR

He is a creative leader whose competence includes the development and implementation of communication strategies in the company: brain storming, business planning, analysis, perspective development of the company, development and monitoring all creative projects which are aimed to promote and brand awareness of NPCRIZ. One of the main tasks of the creative director is- organization and coordination of PR-service. With the help of the creative director, the company uses modern communication policy trends and innovative technologies in the fields of advertising, marketing and PR. The combination of creative thinking, pragmatism and excellent communication skills allows Mr. Vyacheslav Ivanovich successfully build up relationships with people and help to administrate European Representattive office of NPCRIZ.




khavinson3_200_auto_5_100Mr. Khavinson Vladimir Khastkelevich

Chief Scientific Adviser

Director of the St. Petersburg Institute of Gerontology and Bioregulation of North-west Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, President of the European Branch of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Vice President of the Gerontological Society of the Russian Academy of Science, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Medical Science, Honoured Scientist of Russian Federation, laureate Prize of the USSR Council of Ministers and the prize winner of USSR Academy of Science, Professor, Doctor of medical science. He graduated from the Military Medical Academy (SM Kirov). His research interests are related to the creation, experimental and clinical studies of peptide bioregulators – geroprotectors, as well as the development of theoretical and practical bases of bioregulatory therapy and gerontology. He has published over 600 scientific works including 25 monographs. Author 123 domestic and foreign patents.

 ryzhak2_200_auto_5_100Mrs. Ryzhak Galina Anatolievna

Scientific Consultant

Deputy Director of Science and New Technologies of St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology of the North-West Branch of the Academy of Medical Science, Professor, Doctor of Medical Science, highly qualified scientific expert in the field of experimental and clinical studies of peptide geroprotectives. The main focus of her research is to study the mechanisms of aging and the development methods for the prevention and correction of the pathology of age, based on the use of pathogenic peptide bioregulators. Galina has been involved in technology development and organization of production of 35 pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements which Russian Ministry of Health has approved for medical use. She is also an author of 98 scientific reports.