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Scientific-Production Center of Revitalization and Health signed a cooperation agreement with the Federal state budgetary educational institution of additional professional education “Institute for Advanced Studies of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency” (FGBOY DPO IPK FMBA of Russia). As part of this agreement it is planned to actively interact with the Autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) “Scientific-Production Center “Gerontology” on development and implement certification of peptide cycle and non-peptide medicines in the treatment and prevention of age-related pathologies for our partners with both medical education and without it with followed obtaining the certificates of the state standard.


According to the agreement with Scientific-Production Center “Gerontology” is developed and included in the certification cycle of lectures for medical workers “Citogenes and citomaxes  in the treatment and prevention of age-related pathologies.”

The main scientific partners in the joint project are members of the department of therapy and elderly medicine of Training Institute FMBA:

– Ilnitsky Andrey, Head of Department, MD, associate professor, professor and consultant of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, the consultant of organization of medical gerontology center in the town of Santa Elena (Ecuador), a permanent member of the scientific activities of the Czech Society of Gerontology, Society of Gerontology of Serbia , a visiting professor at the Medicine Faculty of the University name. Masaryk (town Brno, Czech Republic), the Medical Faculty of the Belgorod State University (town Belgorod, Russia). Author of 190 scientific works, including 12 monographs devoted to the problems of therapy and pathology of the elderly.

– Proshaev Kirill Ivanovich, professor, MD. He is editor in chief of the periodical “Journal of Gerontology them. V.F Kuprevich “, created a scientific school in the field of gerontology and geriatrics. Author of 206 scientific papers, including 12 monographs.


This scientific cooperation will contribute to the expansion of professional competences NPCRIZ partners in the field of age-related pathologies prevention and accelerated aging.

At the present time specifically for the partners of the Center of Revitalization and Health  are developed scientific-methodical materials and test items , wich will contribute to the successful passing of the certification cycle.