Foundation of support the development of medicines for the prevention of cancer


About the Foundation

On July 1, 2011 was established Foundation of support the development of medicines for the prevention and control of cancer “

Partners who joined the Fund will be able to acquire anticancer medicines with discounts up to 50%!

Establish a Fund, we set out to make these unique products available to millions of people, thereby improving the quality of their living standards.

Science department of NPCRIZ with the direct participation of leading oncologists of Russia and St. Petersburg has developed new techniques of effective influence on the process of carcinogenesis, as well as on the already emerged neoplastic diseases. As a result, created and tested preclinical and clinical testing of new medicines, which have no analogues not only in Russia but also in foreign markets. The range of modern anticancer agents of Center of Revitalization and Health includes: modern oncoprotector, anti-cancer medicine and a broad-spectrum himioradioprotector.

We are not resting on our laurels and will continue to work towards an effective fight against cancer. Funds from the Foundation will be used for grants to scientists, the development and testing of new anticancer medicines.


According to UN figures, the cancer is a major cause of death in the world. This disease annually kills more than 8,000,000 lives. Each year, the world’s recorded more than 10 million. The newly emerged cases of cancer and these numbers are only increasing.

In oncology registered in Russia is more than 2.5 million people. Every year, there are nearly 500,000 new cases of cancer occurred. Dying from cancer nearly 300 000 people per year. Every fifth Russian is at risk. Pollution, smoking, obesity, preferred processed foods high in fat, salt, sugar, sedentary lifestyle – these are the main risk factors.

However, doctors do not leave hope and suggest that more than 40% of all cancer cases can be prevented. Healthy life style, exclusion of risk factors, preventive measures will help a person stay healthy.

The terms of participation

Become a member can only be active partners of NPCRIZ (PV> 500 points)

To join the Fund You are asked to pay an annual enrollment fee.

If you pay a contribution to the bonus, its amount is 1500 rubles.

If you pay a contribution in other ways, it would amount to 3,000 rubles.

Conditions for obtaining cancer medicines:

All members of the Fund have the right to acquire anticancer medicines  with discounts up to 50% (with integration), under the following conditions:

  • Fund participant must be an active partner of NPCRIZ (PV> 500 points).
  • make an annual contribution of 2400 rubles. (60 EUR)
  • payment discount 1,200 rubles.


Attention !

If you do not renew your participation in the fund during the last month of participation in the fund (12 month from the date of payment of admission fee), you will need to re-enter the fund on general grounds. The cost of entry to the fund: 1500 rubles for payment discount and 3,000 rubles for the payment of money.

Answers to all the questions on participation in the Fund





Reviplant – chemotherapy and radioprotectant of new generation. One of the main methods of treatment of cancer is chemoradiotherapy, consisting in the use of products containing toxic compounds, and radiation to kill cancer cells and prevent their further division. However, because of the inability to provide a purposeful effect of chemotherapy in the treatment affects not only damaged, but also normal cells, leading to side effects, greatly aggravating the patient’s condition. In addition, complications associated with chemotherapy alone can be life threatening debilitated patients, which significantly limits opportunities and reduces the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. An important challenge for modern medicine is the development of medicines and medications that can protect healthy cells and tissues from the effects of harmful factors (of chemotherapy and radiation therapy) and improve the effectiveness and tolerability of the treatment. One such tool is Reviplant®.

The cost for participants of the Fund – 1000 rubles. / 30 EUR


Revifort – oncoprotector with wide spectrum of action. The medicine combines the achievements of various currents, both Eastern and classical medicine. For the first time combined with such well-known representatives of the kingdom of fungi like Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake and Cordyceps. We pay attention to them in the middle of the two thousandth and began to study intently as basic research on higher fungi in Oncology held in Japan and the United States. In the process, we realized that their potential is not yet fully discovered by scientists. It’s really almost the only natural sources of compounds from the group of glucans, forcing the immune system to actively and multiphase destroy tumor cells, even in the very heart of the tumor.

The cost for participants of the Fund – 1500 rubles. / 45 EUR


Ensil – basic oncoprotector. The medicine significantly improves parameters of tissue respiration and regeneration. On the other hand – Ensil well proven as a powerful tool ща oncological processes prevention that has been repeatedly confirmed clinically. Work on the preparation lasted for more than 6 years, and in the process of creating we have been able to significantly expand the idea of the Ensil.

The cost for participants of the Fund – 500 rubles. / 15 EUR

a3cd82b1b24ba25d20604101d0eda2d0Mamiton – onсoproteсtor for the female reproductive system. The medicine  is based on natural ingredients, which normalizes the female reproductive system, boosts the immune status of the body, it has a powerful antioxidant, antimitotic, estrogen blocks action, particularly at risk of developing cancer pathology associated with hormonal disorders. Resveratrol, which is part of the medicine not only prevents the development of malignant tumors, but also reduces the risk of osteoporosis, as well as stimulates the synthesis of collagen, thus improving the condition of skin and hair.

The cost for participants of the Fund – 500 rubles. / 15 EUR