NEW: Cream – balm with peptides “Chondromix”

Chondromix creamCream – balm  with peptides “Chondromix”

Geroprotectors for active longevity, established by scientific department of NPCRIZ taking into account the latest achievements in the field of anti-aging medicine, ware supplemented with a new innovative product. Cream-balm “Chondromix” with peptides of vessels and the cartilage is intended to relieve the inflammation that causes the appearance of pain in the muscles and joints.

Pain in joints and muscles can appear suddenly. The cause of activation of pain receptors may be hypothermia, injury, neuralgia, arthritis, arthrosis, and many other internal and external factors. Blood circulation in such moments is significantly reduced, resulting in swelling, pinching the nerves, and partial loss of mobility. The first thing to do in case of a pain – is  to remove the blockade in the muscle, those, to restore the normal blood circulation and ensure the joints by adequate nutrition.

Cream-balm “Chondromix”, has a relaxing effect, restores the blood circulation, reduces swelling, which are compressing nerves, and returns to joints back mobility and lightness. Active components of the preparation very gently and carefully – remove spasms of periarticular muscles arising as a result of inflammatory processes, improve local blood circulation, joint nutrition and trophism of periarticular tissues.

Peptides of cartilage, which is extracted from cartilage and bone tissues of young animals, together with the peptides of the vessels, have the complex regenerating effect, greatly improving the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, together with the normalization of the vascular system. This is the uniqueness of the “Chondromix” medicine- in his full health effect.

Movement – this is life, and life without pain – a happy life!