Society of Anti-Aging Medicine


About the society
It is known that mankind has always sought to find a way to defeat aging and live as long as possible. However, modern science is in contrast to the medieval alchemists seek not only to extend the life and preserve youth, but also to achieve the health and quality of life. Such rapidly is developing the science of anti-aging, which  is designed to combine the achievements of various fundamental disciplines in order to create the new interdisciplinary approaches to the maintenance of health and the achievement of active longevity. In order to support the development of anti-aging science and medicine, attracting basic research to the development of new anti-aging medicines that slow down the aging process and improve health, as well as to the active introduction of new effective and well-proven technology and anti-aging medicine techniques in Russia was created Society of  Anti-Aging Medicine. Society is recognized to unite biologists, physiologists, geneticists, specialists of preventive and predictive medicine, specialist of clinical and aesthetic medicine, gerontology, physicists, ecologists and all the  professionals whose activities are aimed at finding ways to increase the biological reserve of the human organism.

The main objectives of the Society are to promote the development of research in the field of anti-aging science and related areas of physiology, biology, genetics, gerontology, cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, and implementation of research results in practice; advancement of medical technology, which are aimed at improving the quality of life, maintaining physical and mental health, longevity by providing prevention and treatment of functional disorders of the body’s systems, age-related; popularization and dissemination of knowledge and the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of anti-aging medicine.

In April 2012, the Society entered into the World Association of ANTI-AGING medicine as a representative of the Russian Federation.
Members of the Society of Anti-Aging Medicine can become experts of preventive, regenerative, clinical, aesthetic medicine, as well as professionals, which are operating in the field of biology, physiology, genetics, gerontology, physics, ecology and other related disciplines, as well as all the experts that promote the preservation of health and popularizing knowledge and achievements of anti-aging medicine. Is opened the entry and for the associations, which are interested in joint of the achievement of the goals and objectives of the  Soiciety.