Predictive medicine clinic


About clinic

The medical center has a license for medical activity and a scientific-methodological and clinical database to provide specialized assistance to elderly. Medical Center provides comprehensive health assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of elderly people and patients with symptoms of accelerated aging.

In St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology developed and introduced into clinical practice a new system of comprehensive diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and correction of age-related pathology, which can significantly reduce the time of examination of patients and improve the quality of treatment and rehabilitation.

Survey program provides detection of early signs of declining reserves and the functional activity of organs and systems of laboratory methods, functional and radiation diagnosis.

In clinical practice of  the Institute is constantly introducing the latest achievements of immunology, endocrinology and medical genetics. At the Institute in collaboration with leading geneticists country are developed methods for determining genetic predisposition of the organism to various diseases. Molecular genetic investigation of patients represents a unique opportunity to detect diseases at an early stage in the absence of clinical symptoms.

Based on the results of genetic analysis developed by doctors of the Institute is developed set of preventive and therapeutic measures. Individual approach to the patient, based on a scientific interpretation of the results of genetic testing, allows to achieve maximum effectiveness in preventing the development of pathological processes. The examination of pacients also determined the complex of specific antigens (specific proteins), whose presence in the blood indicates increased risk of tumor development. This approach allows us to predict the likelihood of the development of pathological changes and purposefully implement the preventive and therapeutic measures.

Healing process involves carrying out the bio regulatory cycles of therapy in combination with conventional methods of therapeutic effects. During treatment, the patient’s health status is performed from the selection of monitoring individual circuits of medicines therapy depending on the changes occurring in the body. This allows the vast majority of cases, not only stabilized, but also significantly improve health.

Medical Center of the Institute is equipped with modern research and medical equipment. Along with fixed, and there is a small-sized portable equipment (ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, hardware and software systems for the study of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems, a universal biochemical laboratory), allowing members of the Institute to carry out medical and diagnostic work in different regions of the country.

Health Center provides innovative health services on the basis of bio-regulating therapies. Bioregulatory therapy is based on the use of natural peptides, reducing protein synthesis in cells, tissues and organs. Peptide bioregulators have a unique ability to influence the body’s cells, preventing the development of diseases, as well as to deal with progressive disease, preserving youth and health of every cell in particular and the whole body. Application of peptide bioregulators does not cause side effects, allergies, addiction, they are not toxic and harmless to the organism.

Health Center is the only medical institution in which introduced a unique technique 30-year study of peptides in the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology.

Benefits of Health Center:

– Unique techniques and treatment programs based on peptide bioregulatory therapy

– Modern medical equipment

– Confidentiality, anonymity and personal approach

– Non-surgical techniques,which allows to carry out outpatient treatment painless and without departing from the traditional way of life

– All kinds of laboratory tests, tumor markers, molecular genetic studies, the definition of aging markers, ultrasound and functional diagnostics, Doppler

– Non-invasive (physiotherapy) methods of administration of medicines

– Providing medical records of the state sample


Health Center – the world’s leading on bioregulating peptide therapy.

Cooperation with NPCRIZ

A promising area of joint work of the Center of Revitalization and Health and the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology is a joint clinic of predictive medicine – Anti-Aging Clinic, which is a scientific- research base of Center of Revitalization and Health. It uses unique methods of 30-year study of peptides, and offers a wide range of anti-aging treatments, including hardware non-invasive mesotherapy with peptides and peptide wraps.

In November 2010, the first group of successful partners NPСRIZ, fulfilled the conditions for promotion, got a chance to go through the planned survey on the basis of the clinic. This meeting was the first page in the development of a joint anti-aging project. Moreover, it has become a landmark also because that was held in the Birthday of the chief  of scientific adviser NPCRIZ, director of the St. Petersburg Institute of bioregulation and gerontology – Vladimir Khavinson, and therefore around was a festive and intimate atmosphere.

Highly qualified specialists, modern equipment and advanced technology innovation surveys, individual approach – NPCRIZ leaders were surrounded by care and attention. Further, the completion of the genetic passport, each partner in a consultation of experts NPCRIZ and the Institute of bioregulation and gerontology got an individual program of correction of health.

That was the beginning of a long journey of creation and implementation of innovative programs, rejuvenation and healing.

Today, everyone who seek to preserve their health and youth can take advantage of our clinic services, to choose the most interesting survey program, anti-aging treatments with peptide wraps, make a genetic passport and on its basis the individual program of revitalization.

Modern possibilities of predictive medicine clinics took advantage and got the results for more than a thousand people who come to us from around the world!