Product Catalogue 2016

catalogueProduct Catalogue 2016

Dear Partners of Company NPCRIZ!

The first days of spring were marked by important for us joyful event – the release of the new catalog with products and services of the company. The long-awaited catalog, which includes a variety of interesting information, including updates,  became the spring-bright, stylish and very comfortable thanks to the concise format.

Its main sections contain a detailed description of the products and recommendations of the use of peptide or non-peptide medicines, presented in the form of capsules, tablets and liquid solutions; functional food products and cosmetics. For people whose way of life is associated with continuous education and improvement of professional skills, there is a page with a message about the opportunity to pass a unique course “The peptide and non-peptide regulation of aging.” If you want to improve the  health or to receive advice from the leading experts in the field of regenerative medicine, especially for you are our programs of revitalization and diagnostics, which are advertised on the pages of the catalog.

Get a catalog in the offices and dealer centers of the company , meet your customers with the history of the company NPCRIZ and its unique  innovative products, which help people to become younger, more beautiful and happier.