About the production

“Sibfarmcontract” is the company which is among to the ten largest Russian manufacturers of  supplements and provides a full cycle of production, including labor-intensive steps as registration and certification, completing the manufacturing and packaging of the finished product. Innovative technologies, the bank of the latest developments and production facilities occupying more than 20 000 sq.m. – all this says about the huge potential of the company, which is appreciated not only by domestic, but also by foreign partners – the representatives of South Korea, Japan, Germany, Iran, India and other countries.

The company “Sibfarmcontract” is the owner of the industrial complex with the local heat and water supply systems, gas boiler, artesian well, technical and demineralised water, fleet and warehouses. The company uses only high production equipment mainly with computerized control, which ensures the high quality of finished products.

Cooperation with NPCRIZ

All NPCRIZ products, which are manufactured at this enterprise, responds all the international quality and safety standards. “Sibfarmcontract” is one of the first in Russia, who has been certified according to the international ISO 9001: 2000 system, implementation control system allow to monitor the risks at all stages of production. Workshops of the company  equipped with modern equipment, which allows to secure unmanned production process. This ensures the stability of the final product parameters: weight, size, shape from batch to batch. The raw materials used for the production of supplements, vitamine- mineral premixtures and microcapsules of vitamins and minerals , in result of wich in the final product achieves a precise dosage, a more uniform distribution of the vitamin in the total mass, and therefore stable performance of  efficiency of production. The plant material supplied subsidiary company, which is located in a green north-eastern region of Altai.

Quality and safety control laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment. It developed more than 100 different methods for determining the parameters of biologically active substances. Quality control is exercised at all stages of manufacturing, from raw materials to finished products.

It is a place, where are made onkoprotector with wide spectrum Revifort, the first national diet spread, which 

complementary the deficiency of trace elements and vitamins Revimite, and also supplements  Renefort and Olecap.

Center of Revitalization and Health  selects only reliable and trusted manufacturers!